So much going on….but it is worth it :)

So many things to memorize! Two monologues and a group scene for thespian festival. I also have to memorize all of my lines for our Little Shop of Horrors production that is going on at the end of the month. It seems as though my teachers have decided to be a little generous with tests lately……….

But it’s all worth it

I do not regret auditioning for the Thespian Competition, I know that it will be fun.

I certainly do not regret accepting the role of Audrey! It’s my first super¬†amazing role and she is really fun to play!

I’m trying and succeeding with all of my classes and it makes me feel accomplished.

I do admit that there is a lot on my plate right now but I do not regret any of it. The best part is that I have all of my friends there to help me if I need it.

:) It’s best to stay optimistic through everything because being sad will not help anything.